Our Mission

The mission of the Buckland Public Library is to serve residents of all ages, from pre-school through maturity, with a balanced collection of reading, viewing, and listening materials, internet access, and special programming for their personal enrichment, enjoyment, and edification, as well as to sustain and strengthen our rural community by providing a commerce-free and comfortable place for spontaneous and planned gatherings of neighbors.

For more information about the library, please visit the
Buckland Public Library Official Website

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Elizabeth Jacobson-Carroll Library Director

Board Members

George Dole


2013 (elected)

Susan Atherton


2013 (appointed)

Amy Love


2014 (elected)

Dale Ward

2014 (appointed)

Ann Bodkhe

2015 (elected)

Cindy Fisher

2015 (elected)

Cass Russillo

2015 (appointed)