Board and Committee Appointment



The Select Board publicizes vacancies on Committees. Individuals interested in being considered for appointment must complete a Citizen Volunteer Form. The only exception is for nominees from a home Committee to serve as representatives on a second Committee. In this case, informing the Select Board of their choice will suffice. If however, the chosen nominee is not on the home Committee but is a community member selected by them, then a Citizen Volunteer Form is required.

The Citizen Volunteer Form is available here. Applicants, who do not have access to a computer, may pick one up at the Select Board’s office or may call the Administrative Assistant’s office at 413-625-6330 ext.1 to request a form. The completed form should be returned to the Administrative Assistant’s office.

If there are no openings on a citizen's Committee(s) of choice, his/her Citizen Volunteer Form will be held on file for two years for consideration should an opening occur. Citizens are encouraged to attend meetings of their Committee of interest to learn about the Committee's role in the community.

It is the goal of the appointing authorities to appoint qualified and interested residents who are broadly representative of the Town. The appointing authorities carefully consider applications and suggestions from many sources, including but not limited to Citizen Volunteer Forms, verbal expressions of interest, and especially, comments and recommendations by Committee members. Select Board members and others may solicit applicants for Committees.  Committees shall be given copies of Citizen Volunteer Forms submitted by applicants for vacancies and shall normally be given a reasonable time to consider those applications so that Committee members may, if they so choose, make comments or recommendations.  Non-Buckland residents may serve on Committees when the appointing authority deems it in the best interest of the Committee and the Town. U.S. Citizenship is not a prerequisite for appointment. Selections are based on current Committee composition, qualifications, experience, recommendations, available space and on attendance record and previous performance, when available.

Generally, persons serving a first term are given preference for a second. Conversely, if a person is completing a second term, and there are other qualified applicants, preference may be given to a newcomer. The general policy is to appoint an individual to no more than one permanent Committee at a time.

All appointees will receive written acknowledgment of their Citizen Volunteer Form and, if appointed, written notification of appointment and must be sworn in by the Town Clerk prior to attending a Committee meeting as an official member. The Town Clerk gives Committee members information about the Open Meeting Law (M.G.L. c. 30A, §§ 18-25) as state statutes require; members must sign a written acknowledgment of receipt.

For information on the Conflict of Interest Statute as it applies to Committee appointees – see M.G.L. Chapter 268A, see also the State Ethics Commission Website: All appointees must take the State’s Conflict of Interest test found on the website and turn in a copy of the certificate of completion to the Town Clerk within 30 days of their appointment.

Reappointment is based on an evaluation by the appointing authority of the Committee member’s contribution to the Committee, recommendations by Committee members, the desirability of widespread involvement, and the changing needs of the Committee and the Town. Although there is no fixed limit on length of service, the length of service may be limited to two (2) terms of three (3) years in length. In cases where special training or expertise is required, longer periods of service may be appropriate. A Committee member is under no obligation to accept reappointment, nor is the appointing authority obligated to offer reappointment.

 A Committee member who is no longer able to serve should resign promptly so that the vacancy may be filled. A written resignation must be submitted to the appointing authority.  It may be submitted to the Town Clerk or to the Town Administrator’s office.

Other terminations, in rare circumstances, such as continued, unexplained absences or conflict of interest, the appointing authority may ask for a member's resignation or, if necessary, revoke the appointment. Also, the appointment of a Committee member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings may be terminated. Written notification to the Committee member will be given in the event of such action. Generally, before such action is required, the Chair of the Committee and/or a Select Board member should contact the member to see if the problem can be corrected.

From time to time, a Committee may find it useful to appoint associate members to assist the Committee in the successful completion of its charge. Appointments of associate members are made by the Select Board, provided the Committee submits written substantiation of the need for associate members.