Cell tower application for Buckland

Vertex Towers LLC proposes personal wireless facility at 26 Martin Road
Locus map 26 Martin Road

A cell tower application for 26 Martin Road in Buckland was submitted to the Planning Board on March 24, 2022.

The full application can be viewed and/or downloaded here (below).  It's a 93-page pdf file -- if you can use bookmarks in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, click on them to jump to the section you wish to access.  There is also a paper copy of the application available for view at the Buckland Public Library.  Please request it at the circulation desk.

At the Planning Board meeting held on Thursday, April 21, the Planning Board voted to send a letter to the applicant describing various deficiencies that make the application incomplete, in our view.  This letter was sent by email later in the evening on April 21 and mailed out the following day.  A copy of the letter is linked below. 

A revised application was received electronically on Friday, May 13, 2022.  This is attached below.

The processing of this application will go before the Zoning Board of Appeals for requested variances AND before the Planning Board for Special Permit.  The applicant will need to conduct a balloon test on three dates to demonstrate the location and height of the tower. 

No public hearing date has been set and no public hearing has yet happened.  Please stay tuned here for more information and for the dates of the balloon tests and public hearing(s).